Client Rights Policy

Language Assistance

Many of our staff at California Autism Center & Learning Group (CAC) are multilingual and can assist with any language barriers that may exist between your family and CAC staff members. Parents and families are entitled to language assistance in order to adequately understand all client rights as well as therapy & safety protocols.

If you require language assistance and/or the use of an interpreter, please inquire with a front desk representative.


Freedom from Abuse, Exploitation and Retaliation

CAC strongly encourages a treatment environment that allows parents and CAC staff to function together as a team.

Each team member has his/her individual strengths and weaknesses. Feedback should always be given to others in a professional and helpful manner.

Concerns with a particular team member should be directed to your Case Manager.

If the concern is with the Case Manager, or if a satisfying resolution is not met with the Case Manager, please address your concerns to the Director of Clinical Services.

Parents are entitled to file a complaint or grievance without the fear of abuse or retaliation. All grievances are taken seriously by CAC. All complaints will be documented and investigated fully. Complaints will be fully responded to within a reasonable period of time depending on the level of investigation required. All complaints will be acknowledged within 48 hours of receipt.

Parents are also entitled to contact the insurance representative of their insurance plan. Please contact our Administrative Office if you need assistance with locating your insurance representative.

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